A great interview with Elystan Street’s Co-owner Rebecca Mascarenhas

If you’ve ever wondered how restaurants like Elystan Street survive and thrive reading this interview with our co-owner Rebecca Mascarenhas will give you some idea of the effort that’s needed to keep restaurants at the top of their game.

The London Magazine has dubbed her ‘the queen of neighbourhood restaurants’ highlighting how she has helped change the face of local dining in London.

Talking about when she started out she says “I didn’t understand why London didn’t have restaurants du quartier as they did in Paris.” Her first solo restaurant was in Barnes and in the interview she talks about how she expanded into Kensington and Chelsea.

“Both Kensington and Chelsea are great neighbourhoods. These are family neighbourhoods. One of my proudest moments was to welcome a family with four generations – from great grandparents down to babes in arms, it was everything I’ve always wanted.”

You can read the full interview here.