Every time we put pen to paper to scribe a newsletter it feels out of date by the time we press SEND! Corona-life is a moveable feast, that’s for sure.

Whilst the gravity of the overall situation is becoming increasingly clear, life as we are coming to know it does have some newfound benefits and snippets of uplifting news.

We love the heroics of the NHS and salute every last one of them – and their newly recruited volunteers.
How spoilt are we all to have London’s best restaurant suppliers now dropping boxes of world class produce on our doorsteps? Check this lot out 
What a joy it is to re-acquaint myself with my kitchen at home and spend time hanging out with my family over a bowl soul-nourishing fare.

How magical is the stillness and quiet in London? Only broken by the twittering of birdsong.

Blessed is the relief for those of us in west London to have even less flights to Heathrow than there are MAMILS in Richmond Park!

And bog roll banter replaces Brexit banter.

The list goes on….

But boy, there are sacrifices too.

Farewell to family, friends and freedom – free to us all but perhaps taken for granted.

I miss all sorts of things, but the one thing I really struggled to accept was that I would not be able to plonk my backside into a chair and let a restaurant team indulge me with one of life’s greatest privileges. Life is all the better for a stiff drink in one hand and a menu in the other. That reassuring moment filled with excitement and anticipation in equal measure. Time to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Who knows when life will return to normal. One thing is for sure we will re-open our doors at Elystan Street as soon as we possibly can, to welcome you with a huge smile and will, of course, shove a drink in one hand and a menu in the other.

In the meantime we are every bit as exposed as any other business that has had to shut up shop. We have retained every member of our fantastic team and will do all we can to support them. Government support has been hugely welcomed of course but with no end in sight for our closure things will get hairy. So here’s a chance to kill two birds with one stone. Buy buying a voucher to dine at Elystan Street you will not only give the recipient a VIP fast track to one of life’s greatest pleasures when we do finally re-open (bird 1) but you will inject some very helpful cash into the business (bird 2). Our usual vouchers are available in multiples of £50 via the website. We would also like to introduce a FRIEND for LIFE voucher. The FRIEND for LIFE voucher costs £1000 and has a value of £1200. It is redeemable over as many meals, drinks, parties and events as you want, throughout the year – at Elystan Street, Kitchen W8 and Church Road. Furthermore, you will get a glass of fizz for you and your guests each and every time you dine with us during the validity of the voucher. But a friend for life is just that – you will also get a treat of some sort every time you dine at Elystan Street forever more. If you would like to support us with this big ask please click here.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay well…and I might even write a book!

Phil and Rebecca